We care, deeply. What feels like play to us, might feel like work to others. We are high-energy and choose to be positive. We believe that balance comes not from working less, but from living an integrated life. We continually stay up late, while striving to wake up earlier.

We love to connect the dots, consumer trends, business, economics, politics, and history. We also love to connect people and build communities.

Our team will challenge the consensus and identify false alternatives to find a better way. We are fiercely competitive but openly collaborative, confident yet humble, big thinkers but roll-up our sleeves doers.

We know that creating something unique requires taking risks, so we value outspoken contrarians. Yet we know that building scale requires forming consensus, so we listen with empathy to find common, higher ground.

We believe that sustained performance requires a systematic approach. You not only have to win, but deserve victory through the ideas you develop, habits you cultivate, and the company you keep.

When we find leaders that share our passion, mindset, and approach, we have found partners. We operate with a core belief that a team of talented people from unique backgrounds, with shared values and the right incentives, will deliver superior outcomes.

This is what we live for – to form partnerships with extraordinary leaders and build companies that deliver distinctive services and products for the betterment of consumers, patients, and students.